University of Missouri

Longtime WESH reporter/anchor/photog/sports director and most importantly MU grad Bill Shafer will be leaving WESH sometime in mid-August, according to Shafer was someone who helped to firm up my decision to go to MU and I thank him for that. So where is Shafer going? You guessed it, Middleton Courdiet. Now I am really excited to see what comes of the group.


By the fact that I went all the way from Fla. to Mo. shows just how much I think it is to find the right college. While I made my choice because I wanted to go to the best journalism school, Mizzou is also a great university to be a student at. The New York Times has some great resources on choosing the best college. Be sure to check out the slide show on student trends in 14 states.

The MU Alumni Association has put together a really nifty social networking site called MizzouNet. The site, very similar to facebook, allows you to network with current students and alumni. If you are an MU alum or student click here to sign up and be my friend. Granted we will have to prove that we are over 18 to use the service (see previous post).

Today was our NY Program took a “tour” of Good Morning America. Or so I thought when we got there at 6:30 a.m. we quickly realized we were not only going on a tour but also going to be in the audience. They put our group smack in the center and sure enough there I was waving to the camera to bump into and out of the breaks.

This session was on journalists writing in the first person. Mike Sager, visiting writer at the University of California-Irvine and writer-at-large for Esquire, said it best when he mentioned the saying “opinions are like A-holes every one has one.” The completion of that is “and no one wants to hear about them. But, is the later part true? sells their opinions in TimeSelect. People are flocking to talk radio and the talking head shows on 24-hour cable. Why? Well, here’s an opinion for you. People are interested in hearing about the opinions that they agree with. Yes, sometimes people may begins to see a different side to the issue when they read about what the other side has to day, but overwhelming people like to fuel their own fire. Just look at FOX News or conservative talk radio. There is no shame in admitting that FOX has a conservative slant…just as much as the other cable networks may slant to the left. Most of FOX’s viewers are conservative. Same with conservative talk radio…most of the listeners are, well, conservative. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this….as long as you agree with me.

Utility Extension for NSCPA project that I have spent lots of time on during my college career is the New Student Center Project. It is a expansion and renovation of our student union, Brady Student Commons. Well I just got this picture of off our website. It is very exciting to see the project underway after dedicating many hours to getting the project the support it needed to happen.