Everyone is asking if Katie Couric is doing a good job in her new position. Well she just had her worst week ever according to the ratings. The gap between CBS and NBC is 1.5 million viewers (the gap between ABC & NBC is .5 million). She is also doing worse than Schieffer. What I consider somewhat related, last Tuesday and Friday Today and GMA tied in the target demo (25-54). Click here for the latest on Couric.


I’d be remiss in my duties as a blogger if I didn’t mention the recent gaff at CNN. While president Bush was speaking about the anniversary of Katrina, CNN’s Kyra Phillips went for a bathroom break. Somehow her mic got switched back on and you hear her talking over Bush about her husband and brother. “He’s married, three kids, and his wife is just a control freak,” she was heard saying. CNN has since issued an apology. has a good summary of the recent photo fraud in Lebanon. It will definitely make you think twice about your reaction to news photos. Why are we seeing so many photogs staging and enhancing photos? Here is the link. (Thanks Jeff for the link)

Longtime WESH reporter/anchor/photog/sports director and most importantly MU grad Bill Shafer will be leaving WESH sometime in mid-August, according to Shafer was someone who helped to firm up my decision to go to MU and I thank him for that. So where is Shafer going? You guessed it, Middleton Courdiet. Now I am really excited to see what comes of the group.

By the fact that I went all the way from Fla. to Mo. shows just how much I think it is to find the right college. While I made my choice because I wanted to go to the best journalism school, Mizzou is also a great university to be a student at. The New York Times has some great resources on choosing the best college. Be sure to check out the slide show on student trends in 14 states.

What a very good observation. Now what do you suppose the 25 year old will do with a paper that loses $2 million a year? I’m interested to find out. Click here to read the story. Maybe he’s looking for a date  to hire someone.

When WESH newscaster Mark Middleton left and started a company with former WESH newscaster Andrea Courdiet, ee were under the impression that it had something to do with convergence. Creating multimedia stories that crossed multiple platforms. The website however seems to be geared more towards public relations and marketing. Add to that rumors that Pittman will be joining Middleton and Courdiet. According to the WESH news release Pittman will be joining a new company that will help to meet the increased needs for video production on the web. I am excited to see what they are up to.

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