Longtime WESH reporter/anchor/photog/sports director and most importantly MU grad Bill Shafer will be leaving WESH sometime in mid-August, according to Shafer was someone who helped to firm up my decision to go to MU and I thank him for that. So where is Shafer going? You guessed it, Middleton Courdiet. Now I am really excited to see what comes of the group.


When WESH newscaster Mark Middleton left and started a company with former WESH newscaster Andrea Courdiet, ee were under the impression that it had something to do with convergence. Creating multimedia stories that crossed multiple platforms. The website however seems to be geared more towards public relations and marketing. Add to that rumors that Pittman will be joining Middleton and Courdiet. According to the WESH news release Pittman will be joining a new company that will help to meet the increased needs for video production on the web. I am excited to see what they are up to.

The house has voted to ban social networking sites from schools and libraries (for minors). But why…Cory from says you can blame…Dateline (and every other over reactive media network). Does he have a point? Maybe.

CNN has announced that they will create a new section on their site dedicated to citizen reporting. Check it out… This is a step in the right direction and CNN is one of many networks beginning to try out the idea of allowing citizens to provide their thought, opinions, photos and video on a topic they (as B&C pointed out) are the only to do it with such a great site. ABC News Now has a new show that is very similar.

NBC has announced that they will pick up the show “Nobody’s Watching” (see earlier post) after they saw how many people downloaded it on YouTube. As Nikki pointed out most of the viewers only watched the first part of the show (Click here to watch it). Nikki says “if you use that as a parallel for commercial breaks and how many people continue to tune in after it first airs, i don’t think it will do well.” She said the “novelty of it will wear off quickly.” …I say otherwise. We shall wait and see

The hit television series this year may not even be on television. I has been hearing some buzz about a TV sitcom pilot on YouTube. It took me a while, but after seeing it in the New York Times, I decided to take a stab at it. To my surprise I was ready to shell out $1.99 to see the next episode. The problem is, as of right now there is no next episode.

The show was originally being produced by NBC for the WB. NBC felt that it wasn’t appropriate for their station. Then all of a sudden the WB decided not to go with the show. They felt that after some audience tests the premise what just too confusing. It’s not that confusing to watch, just confusing to understand. You see, it’s a sitcom about a reality show about making a sitcom. That’s right the two characters, Derek and Will, dream of making a sitcom so in the show the WB agrees to let them make a sitcom but they will tape them doing it. It’s quite clever. The two live on a studio sitcom set and have your typical sitcom banter. Laughter and emotions fly and everyone loves it, including the studio audience that was filled with extras.

According to the NY Times the show has already received over 300,000 views. While that may not be anywhere close to the 11 million streams got for their trial, they also had multiple shows over two months and two of their shows are the top shows on TV. I think that for a show that happened to get online 300,000 views is a lot. If had had the money I’d buy ‘Nobody’s Watching’ up in a second. It’s a shame we can’t figure out a way for everyone who liked it to chip in and help finance the show. Click here to watch “Nobody’s Watching’ on YouTube (Note: there are three parts).

It’s not often I get fired up over something (really….that often, ok) but today I had to. My friend works at News 12 on Long Island. They are the local 24-hour news network for LI owned by Rainbow Media (owned by Cablevision). I wanted to go to their website to see what they are all about. When I go there I was pleased with the local news from all across the tri-state area. That was until I tried clicking on a headline or a specific area. That was when I was greeted with a screen that wanted to know if I was a local subscriber or if I wanted to pay $4.95 a month or $48 a year for access to their site. I tried to tell them I am a subscriber but they wanted all sorts of information that I did not have.
There are two things wrong with this. One, why are you charging for you site (of which I hear isn’t that great)? No one wants to pay for news that they can get for free elsewhere. Do you have something that the other local stations don’t have? If you do you better tell me more then just “Check out News 12 dotcom (thanks for spelling out dotcom) for breaking news, your local weather, what’s to do, (it that grammatically correct…what is to do) movie clock (now I’m excited), “Sound Off!” board, sports, business center and lots more!” Two, those that are the subscribers probably don’t want to have to log in every time the want to check the “movie clock.” Just my thoughts.

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