Maybe I’m just one for the underdog, but today when I learned that Pluto is no longer a planet I was a little upset. Too often in our society we ostracize the little guy. I joked about starting a campaign to allow Pluto to regain its status. Well, I was beaten to the punch. There is now a “Honk if Pluto is still a planet” bumper sticker. But then there are those who like to rub salt in the wound (probably the same kids I remember from middle school). They created a T-shirt that says, “Will all planets please step forward? Not so fast Pluto.” And I wouldn’t be a real journalist if I didn’t ask, “How does this make you feel?” No, seriously that’s the poll. Yes I did answer, “My world is shattered, I always thought there were nine planets in the solar system!” and so did 70% of those that have voted so far. Granted it’s “not a scientific survey.”

UPDATE: I wrote a guest column for the Maneater about this. A copy of the column is after the jump.



This story ran on Tuesday's World News Now podcast and World News Tonight. It is a fun story worth watching. Click here to watch.

Check it out…and it figures that it’s a story in Orlando. UPDATE: It was yesterdays most e-mailed story. Also to go to the link you can click here.

These past couple of days have been quite busy. Interning at ABC is a blast. I spent my first day in the Media Room for ABC NewsNow learning about how they edit all of their shows. Today I was at working on some online stories and then in ABC NewsNow learning about their process. Tomorrow I head out with one of the producers to go out on a shoot. On a different yet exciting note, I found out today that I was selected for the Scripps Howard Top Ten Journalist Award. And on a much less exciting note, I found an error in the NY Subway Map.

After talking with Barbara from ABC News Now, I know that I will be working Monday through Friday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (On Tuesdays I will come in and leave two hours early to get to our class at 7 p.m.). I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but I hope to be working on the rim. That would allow me to work with the producers at News Now and give me a great opportunity to be able to step up to do various tasks. UPDATE: I will be working 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m MWRF. I also now know that I will work on on WRF.