Everyone is asking if Katie Couric is doing a good job in her new position. Well she just had her worst week ever according to the ratings. The gap between CBS and NBC is 1.5 million viewers (the gap between ABC & NBC is .5 million). She is also doing worse than Schieffer. What I consider somewhat related, last Tuesday and Friday Today and GMA tied in the target demo (25-54). Click here for the latest on Couric.


So what do Charlie Gibson and Larry Bird, Brian Williams and Ben Affleck, and Katie Couric and Britney Spears have in common? Nothing If you ask most people. But if you ask about 70%. Well, at least when it comes to looks. MyHeritage Face Recognition allows you to upload your photo to see who you look like. Well after it telling me that I looked like Prince Harry, Matt LeBlanc and Andy Rodick I decided that maybe I’d try it with some “celebrities”. I put photos of Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams and Katie Couric into the Face Recognition program. Here is what I got back. (Note: Katie was the only celebrity in the database.)

ABC's Charlie Gibson
Charlie Gibson
Hal Sparks – 78%
High Grant – 74%
Larry Bird – 73%
Rutger Hauer – 70%
Roy Keane – 68%
Tome Cruise – 68%
Leslie Nielsen – 67%
Gary Lineker – 66%
Thomas Edison – 62%
Jens Stoltenberg – 62%

NBC's Brian Willaims
Brian Williams
Benny Goodman – 71%
Ben Affleck – 68%
Richard Harris – 67%
Gene Simmons – 66%
Charles Prince of Wales – 66%
Kevin Costner – 64%
James Garner – 62%
Robert Duvall – 61%
Michael Caine – 60%

CBS's Katie Couric
Katie Couric
Katie Couric – 100%
Heidi Klum – 83%
Andie MacDowell – 80%
Selma Blair – 78%
Alessandra Ambrosio – 78%
Shania Twain – 78%
Britney Spears – 78%
Bebe Neuwirth – 78%
Angie Harmon – 78%
Lisa Snowdon – 78%

Try it yourself at (Free Reg. Required)

NYU won’t allow us to have air conditioners in our rooms even thought we are in another heat wave. Isn’t there something inhumane about it? I survived the first…I can survive this one.

And he has a point…click here to watch.

You see, normally I blog in the evening (or morning depending on how you look at it). But recently I have had my nights taken away by ABC. No not necessarily working late but rather the word tonight was taken away. Also a similar not, you DVR might have also lost track…if it was set to record World News Tonight, well it won’t record World News.

CNN has announced that they will create a new section on their site dedicated to citizen reporting. Check it out… This is a step in the right direction and CNN is one of many networks beginning to try out the idea of allowing citizens to provide their thought, opinions, photos and video on a topic they (as B&C pointed out) are the only to do it with such a great site. ABC News Now has a new show that is very similar.

I came across this in one of my old blogs. This post was dated December 5, 2005. It’s always interesting to look back.

WNT’s leap towards the future of News

Today ABC News announced that Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff are being named as the next co-anchors of ABC’s World News Tonight. While I am quite excited about the idea of an MU grad anchoring the evening newscast for one of the big three there are many more important features to this announcement. ABC is willing to look at their product in a different light.

Typically most newsrooms (national and local) had one product, their newscast. Yes, in local news you may have more than one newscast throughout the day, but that was still your only product. As the internet continues to play a larger role in news, newsrooms across the county have copied their newscast to a website. While I have not doubt that ABC still views WNT as the main product they are not afraid to let their website play a vital role in that product. They will doing everything from placing reporters stories on the website before the newscast to expanded coverage of their stories online.

There is nothing worse than newsrooms regurgitating their scripts and packages on the internet. I am glad to see that WNT is going beyond that. It will be interesting to see how their website and blog will compare and compete with NBC’s Night News’.

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