Even before Lily Tomlin ever began her hilarious sketch on “Laugh-In,” Ester Strogen of Canton, OH had rented a rotary phone from the phone company for $29.10 a month. It was what people did back then. Afterall how else could you know if you had “reached the party to whom I am speaking?.”

Well 42 years later, Stongen’s grandchildren gave her a “gracious good afternoon” when they bought her a new phone and returned the rotary phone to AT&T. Stongen’s grandchildren estimate that she spent $14,000 on the outdated phone.

I’m sure Miss Tomlin of the telephone company was happy to have such as good customer. And Strongen of course doesn’t like her new phone and wants the rotary phone back. The thing is Stongen isn’t alone an estimated 750,000 people are still renting phones. I’m pretty sure I could see my grandmother (as much as I love her) doing the same thing. “And that’s the truth.” Click here for the full story.