Maybe I’m just one for the underdog, but today when I learned that Pluto is no longer a planet I was a little upset. Too often in our society we ostracize the little guy. I joked about starting a campaign to allow Pluto to regain its status. Well, I was beaten to the punch. There is now a “Honk if Pluto is still a planet” bumper sticker. But then there are those who like to rub salt in the wound (probably the same kids I remember from middle school). They created a T-shirt that says, “Will all planets please step forward? Not so fast Pluto.” And I wouldn’t be a real journalist if I didn’t ask, “How does this make you feel?” No, seriously that’s the poll. Yes I did answer, “My world is shattered, I always thought there were nine planets in the solar system!” and so did 70% of those that have voted so far. Granted it’s “not a scientific survey.”

UPDATE: I wrote a guest column for the Maneater about this. A copy of the column is after the jump.

Remember that time in your life, probably in elementary or middle school, where you were so embarrassed that you felt like you were so below everyone else? I had tried really hard to push that memory out of my thought process. I had succeeded that was until yesterday I was reminded of that grim day.

You see for me that embarrassing situation took place in elementary. We were running around the backstop at P.E. As I took the finial turn the class bully, Max, decided to trip me. This caused me to fly face first into a puddle of red clay. I was covered in entirety in the mud. I was so upset that I began to cry causing bubbles of snot mixed with red clay mush to come out of my nose. I was so embarrassed. I felt like a dwarf among my peers. My mom came and picked me up. For the most part I had forgotten about that day. Forgotten about how it felt to be picked on, to be the little guy, to be the outsider. That was, until I heard about Pluto.

You see, Yesterday Pluto was minding his own business doing laps around the sun when the International Astronomical Union decided to trip him. They did so by demoting him to a “dwarf planet.” Now I’m willing to bed that the group of scientists never had an opportunity to pick on anyone at anytime in their life and I’m sure they got picked on even more than I did. Which is more reason why they should understand how Pluto feels. Ostracized. Embarrassed. Dwarf like. I would imagine that if Pluto had a nose he too would have red clay mush coming out of it.

When I heard the news I felt an immediate connection with Pluto and wanted to rally for him. But I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. In’s poll almost 70 percent of those who had nothing better to do at work said that their world is “shattered, I always thought there were nine planets in the solar system!” I quickly then went online and purchased my “Save Pluto” t-shirt and “Honk if Pluto is still a planet” bumper sticker both of which I will display proudly.

It seems as though the decision may be finial textbooks are probably already being updated. Teachers I’m sure are teaching the new pneumonic device to “my very educated mother just served us noodles.” But it is not too late for an apology. Pluto and I are still waiting for one.