The hit television series this year may not even be on television. I has been hearing some buzz about a TV sitcom pilot on YouTube. It took me a while, but after seeing it in the New York Times, I decided to take a stab at it. To my surprise I was ready to shell out $1.99 to see the next episode. The problem is, as of right now there is no next episode.

The show was originally being produced by NBC for the WB. NBC felt that it wasn’t appropriate for their station. Then all of a sudden the WB decided not to go with the show. They felt that after some audience tests the premise what just too confusing. It’s not that confusing to watch, just confusing to understand. You see, it’s a sitcom about a reality show about making a sitcom. That’s right the two characters, Derek and Will, dream of making a sitcom so in the show the WB agrees to let them make a sitcom but they will tape them doing it. It’s quite clever. The two live on a studio sitcom set and have your typical sitcom banter. Laughter and emotions fly and everyone loves it, including the studio audience that was filled with extras.

According to the NY Times the show has already received over 300,000 views. While that may not be anywhere close to the 11 million streams got for their trial, they also had multiple shows over two months and two of their shows are the top shows on TV. I think that for a show that happened to get online 300,000 views is a lot. If had had the money I’d buy ‘Nobody’s Watching’ up in a second. It’s a shame we can’t figure out a way for everyone who liked it to chip in and help finance the show. Click here to watch “Nobody’s Watching’ on YouTube (Note: there are three parts).