July 2006

By the fact that I went all the way from Fla. to Mo. shows just how much I think it is to find the right college. While I made my choice because I wanted to go to the best journalism school, Mizzou is also a great university to be a student at. The New York Times has some great resources on choosing the best college. Be sure to check out the slide show on student trends in 14 states.


“Many people like the look of a towering, fully mature marijuana plant. Our 6 foot plant will not disappoint you. Whether you want to decorate your living room or large office or your hotel lobby or outdoor garden, our 6’ marijuana plant is a great choice! The large and leafy 6 footer is big enough to provide shade and classy enough to add a hip dimension to your living space.”

I don’t even know what to say. Click here if you are so inclined to buy one.

While I haven’t had time to play it, it seems pretty cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Apparently I’m not fulfilling my full duties as an intern. A recent story in the NY times titled ‘Interns, the Founts of Youth’ is all about how interns bring out the inner ‘child’ in their bosses. Which makes me wonder if I am better of showing my senior producer why I came in a noon not feeling to well rather than telling her? Oh and ‘$7 an hour — and unlimited junk food.’ Hmmm…I could at least go for the junk food.

The MU Alumni Association has put together a really nifty social networking site called MizzouNet. The site, very similar to facebook, allows you to network with current students and alumni. If you are an MU alum or student click here to sign up and be my friend. Granted we will have to prove that we are over 18 to use the service (see previous post).

A site called platewire.com let’s you get even with the drive that cut you off. So when the middle finger won’t do, you can call their phone to web toll free number and report the diver and their license plate. Not quite sure what happens after that…but hey, it makes you feel better after you vent.

I currently own a Razor. It’s slow and sometimes has issues. (I’m talking about the phone, not what I use to shave btw). I really want a new phone but I also want an iPod. My wishes may be answered. Supposedly it’s being rumored that apple just might make an announcement about something like the iPhone in August. Yes, it’s that much of a rumor. But either way I’m excited.

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