Our trip last Tuesday was to Fortune magazine. We met with the communications staff for the Fortune Network. The network includes Fortune, Money, Business 2.0 and Fortune Small Business. Two key points that I took away.
1. Public Relations for a media organization can be challenging and fun. The folks in the communications department have the task of promoting the magazines through various media. As you can imagine it is not always easy to get other media organizations to talk about the stories they are doing. Because of this it is a constant challenge to “spin” stories to producers about how the magazine might be included.

2. I actually enjoy reading a financial magazine. I know it seems odd but I took Business 2.0 with me on the plane to St. Louis and read the entire thing. The articles were not only informational but alos entertaining. You never know what you may enjoy…sometimes its surprising. (No they did not call me and ask me to write that…if only my blog was that popular.