Our second discussion in the series was on women in the newsroom. It was incredibly interesting to hear about how although there are many aspiring female journalists the number that makes it to management is slim to none, and that hasn’t changed over the past ten years. There were two reasons laid out for this. One, the inherent sexism in the workforce prevents women from getting management positions. Two, that women are not seeking these positions. While it is hard to say which one has more ground to stand on, I am sure that it is a combination of both. Participating in the discussion were Sheila Gibbons, vice president of Communications Research Associates and co-author of Taking Their Place: A Documentary History of Women and Journalism; Carol Jenkins, Emmy award-winning news anchor and correspondent, founding member and now on Board of Advisors of the Women's Media Center, and Geneva Overholser, professor and Curtis B. Hurley Chair of Public Affairs Reporting, Missouri School of Journalism.