Part of the NY Program is weekly panels put on by the Missouri School of Journalism and The New School. This week’s panel was about what it is like when your newsroom becomes the story. The panelists were Paul Steiger, managing editor of the Wall Street Journal and Missouri Honor Medal recipient, and Barney Calame, public editor of The New York Times, former deputy managing editor of the Wall Street Journal and MU alum. The panel was hosted by CBS’s Russ Mitchell also MU alum.

A lot of the discussion focused on examples that they both faced, including Daniel Pearl and 9/11.  To hear from these two journalists about what it was like to put out a NY paper on 9/11 was fascinating.  Paul Steiger talked about how he was at the WSJ when the plane hit and then saw the first tower collapse only to be covered in dust, still working to make sure that his staff made it to the NJ newsroom to put out the next days paper. At one point when they were talking about the reaction they got from readers the next day and I have to admit my eyes watered up.

Click here to watch the panel online. (real player)