This morning launched it’s website. (See previous post). The party itself could play a huge role in the 2008 election. I have to say I am quite impressed. One not that I had not made before was that according to the website they are not looking to form a new party but “fix the old parties.”
While not much is revealed other than their three goals, they do explain the types of issues they wish to take up. breaks issues into two categories; crucial issues and important issues. What they are really saying is there are issues that affect us a county and there are issues that are fun to talk about and get at peoples emotions. While the “important issues” are, well, important, the “crucial” issues are the ones that we should be talking about.
Crucial issues include: “Global terrorism, our national debt, our dependence on foreign oil, the emergence of India and China as strategic competitors and/or allies, nuclear proliferation, global climate change, the corruption of Washington’s lobbying system, the education of our young, the health care of all, and the disappearance of the American Dream for so many of our people.”
The website goes on to say “In our opinion – since the disintegration of the Soviet Union – our political system seems to have focused more attention on the ‘important issues’ than the ‘crucial issues.’” I couldn’t agree with them more. I truly think that can be successful. Even if their candidate doesn’t win they can hopefully force both parties to discuss the “crucial issues” more.