That is what I have heard from a couple of people tonight. We’ll I have to admit I had not heard of until I read Alter’s article in Newsweek. (See previous post). So I figured I’d do a quick Google news search and find other articles, none. Ok, how about Lexis Nexus, none. It seems almost surprising. A third party, that in my opinion could have a huge impact, isn’t getting a lot of publicity. Or is it? Consider what the party is about. Because it is an online party there is a great possibility that the site itself will gain popularity online and in blogs before it draws attention from the “regular media.” Or, maybe the publicity will follow tomorrows launch. We’ll sure find out, but before that, I wanted to address some of the questions people had when I told them about Unity08. For the record I do not necessarily support the ideas of the party but rather support its use of technology. After all, they don’t even have a platform yet. Here is what I was able to gather thus far. I’m sure we’ll learn much more tomorrow. I have to say, I’m really excited.

Unity08 is just like any other third party with some minor exceptions. The idea is that the party is based online. That means instead of having a convention in a major city to draw attention and vote on candidates it would happen online. Any registered voter can become a delegate and vote at the convention. The big question is how do you make is secure, prevent voter fraud. While people may be scared about placing votes online, it is possible to make an internet site secure. Anyone ever engage in online banking? Once you move beyond security, the difficulty becomes preventing people from voting twice. This isn’t American Idol after all. According to the one story that has been written, Unity08 will cross-reference voter registration databases. The other question is who’s behind it? According to Alter’s article, people with political experience from both parties. They include two former Carter campaign staffers, Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon, Ford’s media guru, Doug Bailey and Maine’s former governor, Independent Angus King. More to come tomorrow.