A Newsweek column by Jonathan Alter “A New Open-Source Politics” raises some interesting issues about the internet being the medium for politicians in 2008. Just as TV, newspapers, and radio look to move online because of the growing audience so do politicians. I think it is essential to do this with the right candidate, Howard Dean anyone. The trouble, as it is pointed out, is making sure the older generations are still on board. Confusing or even losing them in the internet shuffle can be very costly to any candidate.
One of the ideas tossed out in the column was the idea of an open source campaign. Imagine a place where you could upload your own campaign video or photos, communicate online with the candidate, and most important tell your friends about it. It could become sort of an Election 2.0.
I myself am excited about this prospect, not just because I think it is important for candidates to engage in online communication, but because it opens a world of job opportunities. It will truly be interesting to watch and see what the candidates in the coming two years can put together.

NOTE: The article makes note of a new website Unity08.com. I will be posting on that site once it launches this week.