It’s been on the air for a little less than a year but because I don’t get it at my house in Columbia, I haven’t been able to watch it until now. Current TV gained a lot of attention when it launched for two reasons. One, it was being called “Al Gore’s Network” and two, it was featuring view created content. They call it V2. To my surprise I actually enjoy watching it. The pods as they call them are produced by anyone and uploaded to From there anyone can log on an “give the green light” for a pod to be played on the network. After enough “green lights” the pod airs. All of the video is also categorized. Videos range from serious stories on topics like AIDS in Africa or the “don’t ask don’t tell policy” to comedic parodies on Oprah and the DaVinci Code.

Some have said the network has a liberal slant, but after all there is nothing that stopping anyone from uploading video. I will give you the fact that most of their content is focused on social justice or activism. People have also questioned the reliability of the “pods” but I found them to be quite fair and show the full story. Take the story on the “don’t ask don’t tell policy.” The story focused on a soldier who was discharged from the army for being gay. The reporter then interviewed two congressmen, one from each party. It explained the history of the policy better than I had seen any network do in a long time.

At the top and bottom of every hour they air a segment called Google Current. The segment is focused more on topical news based on Google searches. At the very least it’s interesting to see what people are searching. All in all I give Current two thumbs up. And hey, maybe I’ll produce something for it in my spare time.