As the NY Times article circulates around, (See previous post) it seems as though some University staff suggest that MU should tell students not to blog about their internship experiences. I can understand encouraging students to make sure that they follow the policy of the organization they are working for. Here is the e-mail I sent out:
“I don't think that as a University we should be telling students not to blog about their experiences. An internship is the perfect opportunity to allow future journalists to learn the basics of blogging. This summer I will be blogging my internship experience and have already made my supervisor aware of this. Interns should be treated just as regular staff would be. If an intern wants to blog all that they need to do is run it by their direct supervisor. The supervisor may wish to check in frequently on the blog to make sure things don’t get out of hand. If anything the media organization may learn a lot by reading the perspective of an outsider on the their newsroom or operation.”