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Catey Terry, the NY Program coordinator, sent me this link to a NY Times article “Interns? No Bloggers Need Apply.” First off, I am not looking for a book or movie deal. I’ll be happy if my mom reads my blog. With that said, I think it is interesting that companies are being forced to react to interns blogging. Is the workplace environment that horrible that the interns shouldn’t be talking about it on a blog, or should they just be paying interns at least minimum wage (not that I’m complaining).

My thought is that media organizations, especially those that target a younger audience, should encourage interns to blog and post those blogs on the organizations site. Oversight might be needed on some blogs, but for the most part it could provide for a very entertaining and real look at what it is like to work behind the scenes at a that organization. While, I have not heard explicitly what ABC’s policy on blogging is, I did make them aware that I would be blogging for credit. Might I be asked to stop blogging because of corporate policy? It’s possible.